Acount renaming Edytuj

You currently have an universal account, active in 69 projects. Renaming in many projects is possible through an meta page. If you make a request on that page I do not see the objections to change the account name. Also ask stewards for setting your home wiki, because we do not know where to write to you. sp5uhe dyskusja edycje 23:25, 28 gru 2012 (CET)Odpowiedz[odpowiedz]

That page is to request renames in wikis with no active bureaucrats, so this request should be handled locally. At the moment, I have no usable SUL, because these accounts already have been renamed. --Aa1bb2cc3dd4ee5 (dyskusja) 00:04, 29 gru 2012 (CET)Odpowiedz[odpowiedz]