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=== "Jedna rozmowa z mądrą osobą (za stołem) jest warta tyle, co miesiąc lektur." ===
==== Part 1 ====
'''"A single conversation across the table with a wise person is worth a month's study of books."''' An "ancient Chinese saying". I was unable to confirm. <s>Probably fake.</s> Total 25 mentions on the web [http://archive.is/kgisy#http://www.google.com.nyud.net/search?num=100&q=%22A+single+conversation+across+the+table+with+a+wise+person+is+worth+a+month's+study+of+books.%22+daterange:2451969-2455531 until 2010]. The oldest English web mention is from [http://archive.is/rPS8F#http://www.hindu.com/edu/2005/11/28/stories/2005112800520300.htm 28 November 2005] (''The Hindu,'' "India's national newspaper").
<small>''– [[Użytkownik:6birc|6birc]] ([[Dyskusja użytkownika:6birc|dyskusja]]) 11:37, 17 gru 2013 (CET); 04:11, 12 sty 2014 (CET)''</small>
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==== Part 2 ====
Now, that I have identified the idiom in its original Chinese form, I'm trying to find its Chinese history. But I'm having a hard time doing it. While researching ancient Western literature on-line is easy, I'm unable to do the same with ancient Chinese literature. For the time being, I'm settling for modern Chinese sources.
* http://archive.is/VSdkV#http://books.google.pl/books?id=IWF6AAAAIAAJ&q="与君一席谈,胜读十年书。"
* http://archive.is/lOgOD#http://books.google.pl/books?id=PgYDAAAAMAAJ&q="与君一席谈,胜读十年书。"