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=== "Jedna rozmowa z mądrą osobą (za stolikiemstołem) jest warta tyle, co miesiąc lektur." ===
'''"A single conversation across the table with a wise person is worth a month's study of books."''' An "ancient Chinese saying". I was unable to confirm. <s>Probably fake.</s> Total 25 mentions on the web [http://archive.is/kgisy until 2010]. The oldest English web mention is from [http://archive.is/http://www.hindu.com/edu/2005/11/28/stories/2005112800520300.htm 28 November 2005] (''The Hindu,'' "India's national newspaper").
* 谚语 proverb
One Chinese specimen found on a mixed-language Weibo tweet: 和一个有智慧的人对话 胜过十年的学习。 ("") via Google search [http://archive.is/MQifS 谚语 与有智慧的人对话 月的].
MentionedQuoted in the ''Australian Home Journal'' (1 April 1949) on [https://archive.org/stream/australhomejour49homerich#page/n11/mode/2up/search/wise on page 7] (online since 1 April 2006).
The Chinese original finally found: <center>[http://people.wku.edu/haiwang.yuan/China/proverbs/y.html 与君一席谈,胜读十年书]<br />[http://archive.is/https://twitter.com/CA_FeiTian/status/410877550316244992 與君一席談,勝讀十年書]<br />("A talk with Your Highness – better than ten years studying books")</center> ...via Google search <tt>[http://archive.is/y9AAU "~conversation * wise person * worth * study" -month's]</tt>.
* 席谈/席談 talk
* 君 king
* 十年 ten years
* 书/書 books