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Cześć, Paweł, Tobie i Ali wszystkiego najlepszego z Nowym Rokiem :-)
<br>Spójrz proszę na szablon linkujący do Wikiźródeł. Chciałam wstawić np. w [[Ewangelia Jana]] i wówczas jest: "inne utwory", co w przypadku Ewangelii jest bez sensu. Na Wikipedii to samo daje: ''tekst'' i tak powinno być. [[Wikipedysta:Jadwiga|Jadwiga]]<sup>[[Dyskusja użytkownika:Jadwiga|dyskusja]]</sup> 19:13, 6 sty 2011 (CET)
== New Orleans MediaWiki developers' meetup in October ==
I'd like to invite you to come to the '''[[mw:NOLA Hackathon|New Orleans Hackathon 2011]]'''. We're getting together folks like you -- template, script, tool, extension, and gadget writers -- to participate, give feedback, test, and hack with us.
At the event, MediaWiki developers and Wikimedia operations engineers will be working on Wikimedia's gadgets/extensions/tools support, authorization/authentication strategy, dev-ops virtualization, and general training and hacking. And we'll improve and discuss the Wikimedia Labs projects infrastructure and other stuff that makes it easier for anyone to supercharge Wikimedia with awesomeness.
The event is open to anyone who wants to come and contribute, and is an opportunity to spend time with senior MediaWiki developers & ops engineers, write beautiful code, and learn about the latest developments. We'll write code together, discuss the software, and hold little workshops.
If you can make it to New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, 14-16 October 2011, we'd love to have you. Please [[mw:NOLA_Hackathon#Attendees|add your name to the attendees list]].
(You additionally might be interested in the [[mw:Brighton_Hackathon_2011|Brighton hackathon this fall]].)
Thanks! [[mw:User:Sumanah]] (Volunteer Development Coordinator, Wikimedia Foundation)